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We come from... Letterpress Coastercard (Limited Edition)


4″ x 6″ letterpress postcard coaster printed on 236lb Brilliant White Reich Savoy Paper. 2 color front, 1 color back with a blind hit. Pop the viking out & use it as a coaster or throw an address on the back & mail it to your biggest Zeppelin fan friend.

Production limited to 200 pieces.
Recipient of FPO (For Print Only) award.

Shipped free domestic or international in an official sealed stay flat envelope.

$5 each or 3 for $13

Every order includes a variety of stickers

Hard to comprehend that this is necessary but by purchasing this, you are only purchasing the card itself. No rights to reproduce or resell by any means are included with this item, all right to do so remain with the seller (me) forever-ever.